Admission to the ARTS UNIONVILLE program at the Grade Nine (9) level is based on a successful audition/presentation and successful completion of the regular Grade Eight (8) program. Entry in grades 10, 11 and 12 is currently closed. 

Students choose to specialize in one of Dance, Drama, Visual Arts or Music (piano, strings, vocal, winds, brass, percussion). During this four-year program (Grades 9-12) the students study two ARTS UNIONVILLE courses each year in Dance or Drama or Music or Visual Arts.

At each grade level students can expect to work with guest artists, attend performances/exhibitions and perform or exhibit their work at venues such as the Markham Theatre, U.H.S., other schools and many community locations. Field trips outside of Canada are scheduled periodically. The Arts faculty includes the staff, many of whom are specialists in their field, and guest artists, both working professionals and university arts students. The ARTS UNIONVILLE program services the needs of artistically talented students, some of whom are exploring the possibility of a career in the Arts while others are simply studying “Art for Art’s sake”.

There is a $20.00 fee per audition to cover audition costs. Auditions will be held from January 26 – February 1, 2012. Appointment letters will be mailed in December to those who have submitted completed application forms. The decision of the Admission Committee is final. Audition results will be available mid to late February. APPLICATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011.

Students are expected to maintain acceptable levels of achievement in all subjects as well as excellent attendance and good deportment. Upon successful completion of the four-year arts program students will receive an ARTS UNIONVILLE certificate recognizing their achievement and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) will be awarded upon completion of the required credits. Courses will be available in: The Arts (Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts), Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies (Economics, Law and Politics, Geography, History), Classical Studies, Cooperative Education, English, English as a Second Language, French as Second Language, Guidance and Career Education, Health and Physical Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Humanities and Technological Education (Integrated Technologies, Communications Technology, Construction Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing Technology, Technological Design and Computer Studies). Student services are available through Guidance and Career Education, Library, ESL, Special Education and the Administration. Unionville High School has two semesters. 

There is an annual program fee for Arts Unionville students of $100.00, payable upon acceptance to the program and then each school year thereafter as long as the student stays in the program. With the continued commitment to excellence in the Arts Unionville program, the annual $100.00 Arts Unionville Program Fee ensures that state of the art equipment and supplies are available, and an augmented learning experience over and above what is provided for students in a regular high school setting. Funds go towards computer hardware and software, art supplies and books, music and musical instruments, digital cameras and camcorders, guest artists, professional workshops and costumes.

Students attending the Arts Unionville program are not entitled to Board provided transportation. Limited school bus transportation to a YRT stop, may be provided to students residing in rural areas.

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